In the Grip of Great Art

        There was once a work of art that was so engaging that people would stand mezmerized for hours and hours just staring at it. One fateful evening, there was a fire in the gallery where it was hanging. As usual people were gathered around it entranced. Smoke filled the room. . .  the viewers stood rooted to the spot. Flames shot up. . . still no one moved. In record time, firemen burst into the premises to drag the stupified people out. Instead, they too found themselves in th grip of this piece of art. Tragically, all the observers including the firemen, were lost in the fire along with the painting. They burned in place. They could not tear their eyes away. 

       I am horrified by this story, and at the same time so curious as to the subject! I don't know if it is a true story, but sometimes when I remember it, I like to imagine. . .  what was painted on that darn canvas!!!!

What do you think it was?